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Unfortunately, in today’s uncertain times we have now deemed it necessary to password protect parts of our website in order to respect the wishes of RAFLing members who, (for various reasons) do not want personal details on the website. Those parts of the RAFLing website are now only freely accessible by members of the Association.
RAFLing Association Committee (1 Aug 2016)
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Many congratulations to Mike Hancock who has taken on the position of President of the RAFLing Association. Mike has many years experience in the trade of linguist and is a long-standing and active member of the Association. 
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Details of re-location of Kidbrooke Plaque, 12 July 2016.
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John Partridge has also provided an excellent review of another book of interest to the RAFling community, namely the Rocky Road to Hong Kong. (Click book cover for link to review).

This entertaining and informative book will appeal to anyone who grew up in the 1950s and 60s, and especially to those who have had any connection with the Armed Forces in the last 60 or so years. RAFling members will find much of its story comfortingly familiar.
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John Partridge has very kindly provided a review of a book that will be of interest to RAFLing members. (Click book cover for link to full review).
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The RAFLing Association is pleased to announce the long overdue addition of a brand new section to the website. Thanks to the sterling efforts of Alan Robson and contributions from various sources, mainly former Chinese Linguists, we have already populated this section with background information on the RAF Chinese Linguists, including some course photographs. We look forward to receiving lots more information about the various courses and also photos if available. Welcome on board guys!

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The RAFLing Online Store is now open for business. You will find a selection of familiar items for sale at very reasonable prices. Just click on the ‘Store’ link at the top of the page and follow the fairly simple instructions to place your order. Payment is by Personal Cheque of Bank Transfer - Happy Shopping.
(Please note that non-RAFLing Association members need to add 15% to the prices of all items).